Starring Michael Madsen and Kathleen York

Episode 1: "Cruel and Unusual"
Original airdate: September 29, 1998
Written by John McNamara & David Simkins
Directed by James Frawley
Guest Stars: Ray Wise, Gregg Henry, Allen Cutler, Daniel Roebuck, Michael Whaley, David Brisbin, Tom Billett, Krystal Benn, La Reine Chabut, Scott A. Smith, James Wong, Charles C. Stevenson, Jr., David Taavao, Marcy Goldman, Gina McClain, Louisa Abernathy. 
Mr. Chapel goes after a drug smuggler who has gotten away with the murder of his secretary. 
Original airdate: September 29, 1998

Episode 2: "Victim of Circumstances"
Original airdate: October 1, 1998
Written by Charles D. Holland
Directed by James Frawley
Guest stars: Christian Clemenson, Keith Szarabajka, Greg Grunberg, Jennifer Bransford, Suanne Spoke, Gunther Jensen, Scott Rabinowitz, Brett Wagner, Darin Cooper, Jonathan Sweet
An obnoxious and self-important FBI profiler, who will go so far as to put an innocent man in prison as long as his reputation ... and book sales ... stay high, finds himself facing Mr. Chapel.

Episode 3: "Eden"
Original airdate: October 8, 1998
Written by John McNamara
Directed by James Frawley
Guest Stars: Tony Denison, Rex Linn, Cordelia Richards, Stephen Tobolowsky, Tom Wood, Brad Greenquist, Philippe Bergeron, Kevin Fry, Al Israel, Christopher Jaymes
Mr. Chapel and K.C. target a corrupt sheriff's department, who are planting evidence in order to take valuable vehicles and other properties of innocent people.

Episode 4: "Bitter End"
Original airdate: October 15, 1998
Written by David Simkins
Directed by Lou Antonio
Guest stars: Tobin Bell, Clare Carey, Niklaus Lange, Dayton Callie, Nigel Thatch, Louis Herthum, Richard Gross, Frank Ertl, Bobby Garabedian, Paul Jenkins
Chapel steps in when a recently released criminal goes after the woman who put him in prison in the first place. Things get rough when the criminal gets wind of Chapel's scheme.

Episode 5: "Justice"
Original airdate: October 22, 1998
Written by Wendy Battles
Directed by Bill Norton
Guest stars: Cliff Potts, Brion James, Scott Patterson, Mark Kiely, Michael Harney, Katy Boyer, Rex Ryan, Keith Sellon-Wright, Louis Herthum, Vanita Harbour, Rick Pasqualone, Dave Clements, Tim McLaughlin 
An arms dealer kidnaps the wife of a witness who can put him behind bars permanently but doesn't count on Mr. Chapel stepping in. 

Episode 6: "Ambition"
Original airdate: October 29, 1998
Written by John McNamara
Story by Gary Reick
Directed by James Frawley
Guest stars: Dina Merrill, Todd Allen, Michael C. Mahon, Dakin Matthews, Frankie Thorn, John Aprea, Cary Hirayuki-Tagawa, Charmaine Degrate, Eric Flecks
When a political family murders a friend of K.C.'s, they face the wrath of Mr. Chapel, who takes any action against K.C. as deadly personal.

Episode 7: "Security (a.k.a. Security Denied)"
Original airdate: December 10, 1998
Written by Tom Chehak
Directed by Mel Damski
Guest stars: Miguel Sandoval, Kamala Dawson, Francisco Quinn, Bruce McCarty, Tim Thomerson. 
Chapel finally finds justice for a woman whose family were killed by a powerful South American military family, now hiding in the U.S. 

Episode 8: "Dishonorable Discharge"
December 17, 1998
Written by Valerie Mayhew and Vivian Mayhew
Directed by Bobby Roth
Guest stars: Dayton Callie, Wanda De Jesus, Lauren Tom, Travis Fine, Silas Weir Mitchell, Alexia Robinson, Amanda Carlin, Mushond Lee, Jeffrey Pierce, Hamilton Mitchell
Chapel seeks vengeance against a rapist after the statute of limitations expires. Notable for its brilliant use of "It's Raining Men."

Episode 9: "Noir"
Original airdate: December 24, 1998
Written by Valerie Mayhew & Vivian Mayhew
Directed by John Patterson
Guest stars: Richard Beymer, Kristin Cloke, Christian Leffler, Christopher Gorham, Scott Patterson, Suzanne Ford, Jerry Houck, Larry Williams, Donald Willis
Chapel takes a job as a bodyguard in order to uncover the truth about a widow and her lover - her late husband's brother.

Episode 10: "Vendetta"
Original airdate: January 7, 1999
Written by Charles D. Holland
Directed by Adam Nimoy
Guest stars: Amanda Pays, Markus Flanagan, Lisa Thornhill, Tom La Grua, Scott Allan Campbell, Lisa Langolis, Cordelia Richards
An IRS agent destroys a woman's life because she won't date him but Mr. Chapel makes the agent see the light of day.

Episode 11: "Confidence"
Original airdate: January 14, 1999
Written by Kim Newton
Directe dby Alan J. Levi
Guest stars: Steven Schub, Mel Jackson, Kimberly Huie, Alan Blumenfeld, Claudette Sutherland, Jeff Austin, Patricia Gaul, Lewis Van Bergen, Michael Zorich, Clint Culp
Mr. Chapel and KC con a con-man who has hidden millions of dollars jilted from others somewhere. 

Episode 12: "Judgment"
Original airdate: January 21, 1999
Written by John McNamara & David Simkins
Directed by Jmaes Frawley
Guest stars: Harris Yulin, Cotter Smith, Robert Miano, Tom Dugan, Frankie Jay Allison, Fred Sanders, Al Israel, Stephen Scalon, Skip O'Brien, Richard Gilbert-Hill
Chapel and a retired hitman form an uneasy alliance to stop a corrupt federal judge.

Episode 13: "Clique"
Original airdate: January 28, 1999
Written by Kim Newton & Wendy Battles
Directed by Bobby Roth
Guest stars: Jarrad Paul, Rick Peters, Elizabeth Barondes, Brian Gaskill, Christopher John Fields, Gina Gallego, Albie Selznick, Paul Bartrell, Margie Glick, Lindsay Beamish. 

Episode 14: "Critical"
Original aidrdate: February 4, 1999
Written by Valerie Mayhew & Vivian Mayhew
Directed by James Frawley
Guest stars: Rafer Weigel, Senta Moses, Ryan Bollman, Heather Dawn, Garth Wilton, Tom Bellin, Nurit Kappel, Richard Jamison, Sandra Ellis Lafferty, Hartley Silver, Bart McCarthy, Nancy Little, Dale Kasman, David Rainey, Marshall Bell
Chapel goes after the murderer of a wealthy businessman - his son. At the same time, a young computer genius discovers Chapel's empire and threatens to tell the world about him. 

Episode 15: "Legalese"
Original airdate: February 11, 1999
Written by Charles D. Holland
Directed by Bill Norton
Guest stars: James Avery, Michael B. Silver, Leslie Hope, Raphael Sbarge, Markus Redmond, Karen Austin, Ken Jenkins, Jennifer Hetrick, Clyde Kusatsu, David Bickford, Dan Rutherford, Lindsay Taylor.
A trial lawyer who only sees the dollar side of his business and not the human cost, finds himself facing Mr. Chapel when a fertilizer company he represents is accused (and proven) of causing illnesses in children. Best line: "Beef. It's what's for dinner!"

Episode 16: "Friends"
Original airdate: February 25, 1999
Written by Kim Newton
Directed by Perry Lang
Guest stars: Robert Carradine, Jere Burns, James Pickens, Jr., Sage Parker, Jerry Mathers, Twink Caplan, James Newman, Charles Emmett, Ray Laska, Natsua, Robert Moni, Akiko Taguchi, Raymond Ma, Ken Takemoto, Harry Perry
When his partner kills himself due to Steven Jensen's betrayal, Mr. Chapel steps in, making Jensen look like he's insane in order to destroy his ill-gotten company's wealth.

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