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Isn't PayPal great? I've been using PayPal for my online auctions for a long time now and it makes things so easy.

So - if you want to order your copy of KILLED BY DEATH via PayPal, click on the buttons below. They'll take you to the PayPal website and guide you through the process of ordering your book. Shipping is $3.00 for one or two books. (For orders of 3 or more books, please write for shipping costs). Be sure to tell us if you'd like your book signed and, if so, how you'd like it personalized. Thanks!

Purchase OVERNIGHT SENSATION Trade Paperback ($13.50)
Purchase Standard Edition KILLED BY DEATH Paperback ($11.99)

Purchase KILLED BY DEATH Hardcover ($27.50)

Purchase Special Edition KILLED BY DEATH Trade Paperback ($17.50)
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