KILLED BY DEATH: From the Adventures of H.B. Fist
by R. Scott Bolton
Four years ago, Man-of-Action Horatio Bartholomew Fist closed the final chapter on the Zombie Slave War with the apprehension of the War's most notorious criminal, Arnold X. DemiGod. Now, DemiGod has turned up missing, and Fist finds himself on the trail of the vicious killer again. Armed with his merciless Dimensional Minimizer weapon, Fist and a showgirl named Pepper traverse the universe to hunt down DemiGod and stop him before he brings death, destruction and an unwilling army of cheap labor back to a civilization that thought those days of horror were over, forever. 
Reviews for KILLED BY DEATH:
"From the Burly Bee to Planet Debris, you're on a wild space chase with 'Man of Action' H.B. Fist
and his trusty flapjacker. R. Scott Bolton's 'Killed By Death' is flat-out Sci-Fi fun."
 - Tom Spence, AM 1520 KVTA radio

In the grand detective tradition of Mike Hammer, but with a science fiction twist, R. Scott Bolton's KILLED BY DEATH could very well be the guilty pleasure of the summer. Man of Action H.B. Fist is an instant favorite as he battles evil villains bent on galactic domination. If I could have an HB Fist novel every summer, I could enjoy my vacation in literary bliss!
- An Reader

H.B. Fist is the kind of guy who doesn't take any crap, primarily because he's got a flapjacker to back up his mission. Want to know more, read the book and then you'll want to read the next one. With all the silly movies that Hollywood is churning out these days its great to read a book where sci-fi, action, and good old smarts to get the bad guy win over. You'll be lost in the story before you know it and with R. Scott Bolton's writing style you'll be laughing at all the stuff H.B. Fist has to go through. With music references all throughout the book you'll be researching the fuel that tells the story of H.B. Fist and his quest. This is a great read for anybody who loves sci-fi mixed with muscle.
- An Reader

I won KILLED BY DEATH in a contest at and was in the process of moving and did not get around to reading it until last night, where I finished the entire book. I really enjoyed it. My experience with science fiction does not extend far past King, Dick, and Asimov, but I found KILLED BY DEATH very interesting. It was not only compelling, but I found it rather funny also (I really liked how Arnold X brought death, destruction ... and incredibly cheap labor).
- A Reader

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