Brace Heller is a California-style hard-boiled detective, the kind who wears shorts, sandals and Aloha shirts. There was even a Los Angeles Times article about him, in which he was dubbed "The Shirt and Sandals Detective." Despite his unusal appearance, he's an old school private detective at heart, seeking only one thing in all of his cases: The Truth. He is known to all as a man of integrity, guts and honor. He doesn't so much take on a new case as become part of it. And he's the kind of guy whose path you don't want to cross. Heller does whatever it takes to get the answers. He is well-known, well-respected and even feared throughout his home town. When it's answers you're looking for, Brace Heller is your man. In the tradition of the legendary Mickey Spillane and the unmatchable Robert B. Parker.

Novels featuring Brace Heller:
"Begin Rumble Strip"
"Death and the Mogul" (coming 2023)
"Second Shot" (coming soon)
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